Ken Crippen

Pro Football Historian / Podcaster

Ken Crippen is the founder, lead instructor, and podcaster at the Football Learning Academy, an online school teaching pro football history. He’s a sought-after interview guest and speaker, covering various aspects of pro football history.






Meet Ken Crippen

Ken has researched and written about pro football history for over 30 years. He began writing early on and developed a passion for sharing the knowledge and experience that he learned along the way. His published works include being the solo author of two books, as well as being the managing editor or contributor to four additional books; and has written hundreds of articles on pro football history.

Ken’s work has appeared in publications such as (Sports Illustrated), National Football Post, Packer Report, The Coffin Corner, and Cold Hard Football Facts, among others.

Football Keynotes 

Hometown Boy Praising His Hometown Team

(The Buffalo Bills of the All-America Football Conference)

Fans of the current Buffalo Bills franchise rarely know that their beloved team was not the first Buffalo Bills franchise in Western New York. Ken Crippen, who is the author of The Original Buffalo Bills: A History of the All-America Football Conference Team (1946-1949) and the co-editor of The All-America Football Conference: Players, Coaches, Records, Games and Awards, takes a deep dive into the formation of the franchise, the memorable games and players from that era, and the attempts to get the Buffalo Bills in the NFL in 1950.

An Award-Winning Author Chronicles Early Non-Collegiate Syracuse Gridiron History

Ken Crippen is the author of Turmoil vs. Triumph: The History of the Syracuse Athletic Association Football Team (1890-1900). He takes the audience in to the evolution of pro football in Syracuse, including the World Series of Football championship season, and playing against NFL teams in the early 1920s. In this intriguing discussion, Ken dives into the evolution of amateur football with athletic associations through fully professional squads that competed on a high level.

The Evolution of Pro Football in Philadelphia from My Bird’s Eye View

From the Frankford Yellowjackets to the early Philadelphia Eagles, there are riveting stories and championship seasons. Award-winning author Ken Crippen takes the audience through the history of these NFL Championship-winning franchises, how they are connected, and the fascinating way that the Philadelphia Eagles are related to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Football-Corporate Crossover Keynotes 

The Golden Playbook of Leadership Mastery as Taught by NFL Legends 

There is a difference between management and leadership: managers are task-driven whereas leaders are people-driven. In this discussion, award-winning author and pro football historian Ken Crippen talks about the great leaders throughout pro football history who inspired their teams to win championships and how to achieve the ultimate success. 

At the Heart of Winning: The Secrets to Elite NFL Legacies 

A successful NFL franchise needs more than just coaches and players in order to win a championship. The entire organization needs to have a winning mindset. In this presentation, award-winning author and pro football historian Ken Crippen pulls the fundamentals from America’s most popular sport and shows how they can be directly applied to your corporate organization so that you too, can achieve a winning mindset with your own team. 

Top NFL Team Strategies: Handling Effective Change Management from the Field to the Front Office 

When a new coach or a new front office person takes over an NFL franchise, they want to instill their own management styles across the organization. However, change is not easy within any organization, regardless of the industry. In this presentation, award-winning author and pro football historian Ken Crippen describes how successful teams handle change management and provides examples of how that can directly apply to your organization. 

Over the last three decades, Ken has interviewed some legends of the game, including many Pro Football Hall of Famers. He’s been interviewed by many outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, Deadspin, ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, and The History Channel.

Using his passion for football history and his desire to give back, Ken volunteered to be in a leadership position of the Professional Football Researchers Association for 15 years. Now, he has formed the Football Learning Academy to teach football history and to raise money to give back to retired players in need. He is an award-winning author, including the PFWA’s Dick Connor Writing Award for Feature Writing and the PFRA’s Ralph Hay Award for Lifetime Achievement in pro football research.

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